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Talking Comics: Splash Page 7.9.13


Compiled by Brian Verderosa.

Written by many, many hardworking people.


Hello everybody and welcome to a new feature here on Talking Comics, Splash Page. Here we will be compiling tidbits and fun comic book oriented stuff for your perusal. Expect to see a lot of lists, infographics, fan art and opinions (both popular and un) on these pages.

If you have something you’d like to submit or point us in the direction of, don’t hesitate to email and put “Splash Page” in the subject line. Happy reading!



IGN has listed the “10 Most Heartwarming Moments in Comic Book Movies.”  I have a special place in my heart for #7 — a movie that continually beats almost everything it goes up against on Flickchart.


Chris Pratt, ready for his star turn as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, has posted an instagram of his beefy exterior. Let the ass-kicking (and ogling, of course) begin!



Comic Book Resources has posted a badass interview with George Perez about his alignment with BOOM! Studios.  I can’t tell if Perez lives in the most luxurious area on the planet or if someone is having some Photoshop Phun. Regardless, it’s well worth a read.



Tony McDougall is taking the to Kickstarter airwaves to promote his awesome idea The Fight We Never Saw, which would be a 100-page, black & white “what if” story about Muhammad Ali and Teofilo Stevenson finally meeting — the concept art looks killer, and you can read all about it — and the incredible rewards — here.


Eyewitness News in St. Paul/Minneapolis has a story about comic book art helping victims of PTSD. Read all about it at their website.


While there are many, many to choose from, has given us a list of the “Top 10 Villain-Superhero Sibling Rivalries.” I’m all for lists that make us wonder “are we running out of things to list?” It’s a good-un.


And yes, it’s been almost a month. Yes, it’s been beaten to death like .. well … you know. If you haven’t read Mark Waid’s reasoning for being profoundly let down by Man of Steel, it’s worth a read. Whether you loved the film or hated it, his thoughts and feelings may make you think differently about the film that you loved or hated.



And lastly, if you can’t get enough Mark Waid (and prefer something more recent) Voices of Krypton over at just published an interview this week with the writer. For more of a two-sided version, or conversation, of Waid’s thoughts, check this one out.


That’s all for today. Please send us an email if there’s something you’d like featured here.



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