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About Us


Welcome to Talking Comics, a web site dedicated to covering the latest and greatest in comic book releases. The Talking Comics team is here to tell you all about what’s out there in the geek world with reviews, podcasts, columns and more by fans FOR fans. We also aim to provide you with fresh content that you can read, enjoy and share.

If you want to get a hold of us, you can find us on Twitter @talkingcomics or you can always drop us an email at If you have a question specific to one of the lovely people involved with Talking Comics, read on to learn more about them and how you can reach them. If you are a publisher, writer or artist looking to promote your work on Talking Comics and want to send us your comic, please scroll to the bottom of this page for our Review Policy.

Click on any staff members name to be taken to their bio page along with links to their works on Talking Comics.

Editorial Staff

Bobby Shortle – Editor-In-Chief and Podcast Host
Steve Seigh – Executive Editor and Podcast Co-Host
Bob Reyer – Associate Editor and Podcast Co-Host


Mara Wood – Columnist and Missfits Co-Host
Joey Braccino – Reviewer
Justin Townson – Reviewer and Talking Games Co-Host
Huw Parry – News Editor
Matt Wood – Reviewer
Nick Guerrera – Reviewer
Logan Rowland – Reviewer
Gary Chapin – Columnist
Andrew Dmytrasz – Social Media Coordinator


Brian Verderosa – Talking Movies Host
Adam Shaw – Talking Valiant Host
Melissa Megan – Missfits Co-Host


Review Policy:

If you are looking for us to review your comic or graphic novel, here are a few quick notes about getting a review posted on our site:

1. We get a lot of review copies everyday. That doesn’t mean that we won’t get to yours, but we do have to pick and choose which books we are going to add to the sites review panel.

2. All of the contributors at the Talking Comics will ALWAYS give their honest review on a book. We are in no way out to slander an author or their work, but obviously we won’t always enjoy every single book we read. We will read and give our honest opinions on how we felt about the book, always in a constructive manner – good or bad. However, with that being said, we always prefer to give a positive review as opposed to a negative one.

3. When you send us a book, please let us know if you have a particular time frame for when you want the review published. Unless you specifically request a time frame for the review to be published, we reserve the right to publish the reviews at our own discretion.

4. We reserve the right to not write a review for every book we are sent. As previously mentioned, we receive quite a few review copies and while we would love to write reviews for everything, it’s really just not possible.

5. All genres are accepted as review copies. We have contributors that more or less specialize in a bunch of different genres, so between us all, we’ve got it covered. We also accept Digital Copies to review as well.

6. Last, but not least, all book review requests are to be directed to Bobby Shortle at