Talking Movies Mini-Episode #7: That Sequels Show

This week, Brian, Chris, and Nick take a break from our series on sequels that took too long to get made and instead focus on sequels that showed up right when we needed ’em. In an episode that takes us from the Temple of Doom to Jigsaw’s lair to the far-flung future of 2015, we try to figure out what makes a movie sequel great and which franchises have been able to live up to — and, in some cases, even outdo — their first installments.

We rank some beloved series film-by-film, consider whether Sam Raimi’s original Evil Dead is still worth a look, and risk upsetting Vigo the Carpathian by digging up a surprisingly low Rotten Tomatoes score. All that, plus we accidentally shill for Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head vodka in the absolute worst way imaginable! Join us for this show about sequels, and tune in a couple of years from now when we do it again (to likely diminishing returns).

Talking Minis Episode 7: That Sequels Show


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