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‘Supergirl S02E17: Distant Sun’ Review

Supergirl brings us another fairly Mon-El centric episode this week even with a bounty being placed on Kara. Kevin Smith returns as the director and brings some goofiness to the show. Rhea and Law are still hanging around above National City and no one is exactly thrilled about it. Aside from the Mon-El story, we get a nice little side story with Alex and Maggie. They run into Maggie’s ex in the park and Alex learns that Maggie is still keeping things from her. This episode also gives us another look at Lynda Carter as the President.

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This episode wants you to think it has a surprise, but it really doesn’t. Queen Rhea put the bounty on Kara without telling her husband about it and while he might be shocked, Mon-El wasn’t. It’s safe to say that a good majority of the audience probably didn’t fall for her lies either. From the moment she met Kara, she showed nothing but disdain for her. Teri Hatcher’s performance felt a little over-the-top, but it works with this character. Rhea is deceiving and wants to destroy Kara to the point where she attacks her with kryptonite swords.

Alex and Maggie have their moments in this episode and make some more progress with their relationship. They’re probably my favorite couple in the show because I’m still not a huge fan of Mon-El and Kara. Maggie is still struggling with opening up to Alex and it feels like the most real and sincere relationship on the show. Plus, they don’t need a ton of screen time to advance their relationship.

Mon-El takes up quite a bit of this episode with his parents still being around. It’s a downside because this show is supposed to be about Supergirl and she’s largely sidelined in this episode. The most action she sees is when she has to fight Mon-El because a bounty hunter is controlling his body. The team at the DEO also tells her to lay low this episode for the sake of the public’s safety. Although, she does get the chance to fight Queen Rhea one last time after J’onn goes to the ship disguised as her to throw Rhea off guard.

This episode largely felt like an effort to “protect Supergirl,” which seems unnecessary when she’s the most powerful character on the show. That said, this wasn’t a horrible episode, but it by far was not the best either. There was some comedic relief with a handful of lines, though. It may be cheesy at times, but the light-heartedness of Supergirl is what makes this show great.

The Good

  • Good to know that Supergirl loves bacon
  • Alex and Maggie making progress in their relationship
  • Winn enjoying himself when going to get Mon-El off the ship

The Bad

  • Too much of Mon-El in the last couple episodes
  • Kara not having Catco to fall back on when she’s not Supergirl

Favorite Lines

  • “Aren’t you a little short for a storm trooper?” – Mon-El
    “You finally saw Star Wars.” – Winn

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