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The big weekend has come and we want to know what YOU all thought of the The Wolverine!

Feel free to post your reactions below in the comments and beware all this will be FULL SPOILERS allowed so please avoid if you want to stay fresh!

As always the best comments and questions about the film will be read out during our review show this week!

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7 Responses

  1. zimbryce777

    I thought it was a great movie and when I was watching it for some reason it had an Oldboy feel to it because it was like an old man running through Japan with a young Asian woman (but not the whole end thing, you would know what I was talking about if you’ve seen it) but yeah over all it was pretty cool. The 3d sucked though. Did you guys hear about the flash tv series that will be spinning off of arrow.

  2. Samuel

    I was extremely entertained by the film. I am not a huge X-Men fan. I had never read any X-comics before Marvel NOW. And I watched the 90’s cartoon, but liked Spider-Man and Batman:TAS better. And I enjoyed the first 3 X-Men, but they are not my favorites. As for X-Men Origins… But First Class really got me interested in the X-Men films. And now with this film and Days of Future Past next year, I am getting super pumped for what Fox is doing.

    Also, Hugh Jackman is just awesome. He is Wolverine.

  3. Luciano M

    It was easily the best comic movie of the year for me. Iron man 3 was garbage, Superman was good but this was fantastic. I like how it was a focused and self contained, all this universe building that has been going on has been great but it was nice to have such a character centric film.

  4. Dave

    I think the movie was decent. Nothing amazing, but certainly no where near as bad as Wolverine: Origins. There are a couple of fundamental flaws that a lot of action movies do over and over that The Wolverine is guilty of. Like a terrible female villian who talks slow and seductively which apparently no one has figured out, isn’t engaging as a character trait in anyway. Another gripe was the lack of actual relationship building between Mariko and Wolverine. They went straight from “He’s bothering me,” to “Lets do it at my summer home,” in a few short scenes. My only other issue was the lack of Silver Samurai, as that could have been a cool story that was happening longer and more in depth, but they just saved it for the climax, thus not really doing the character justice. Other than that, pretty entertaining, great fight scenes, and Wolverine seemed the closest to the actual character here than he has in any of the other films. The after credit scene was still probably my favorite part of the whole movie just because I’m so stoked for Days of Future Past.

  5. benjiman_1981

    Agreed on almost all parts with the Wolverine. But one thing that really annoyed me about it and it may seem stupid but in terms of consistency I think it’s a big deal. But when his claws are cut off, there are adamantium stumps left over. then when his bone claws finally pop, they’re magically gone. I understand the bone claws healed, but if adamantium is an indestructible substance, how did they just disappear?
    Also on a side note my theory with the end credits scene and how Xavier looks like Xavier still, he’s a telepath. It makes sense that even if he’s in someone else’s body, he’d telepathically make everyone see him as they remember him. Anyway. Hello.

  6. thisjohnd

    I saw The Wolverine last night and I have to say I quite enjoyed it. A solid B, B+ movie when I was expecting something much worse. I actually had no intention of seeing it based on the trailers as well as my distaste for Origins, but it was surprisingly fresh for a comic book movie given that this is the fourth one this year. I think the Japan setting helped a lot to make the movie feel different enough from the X-Men films that this could standalone, but had enough ties to the previous movies (even Last Stand) that it pulled the universe together just a bit.

    My only real complaint less than 24-hours removed from it is that Silver Samurai was used as a giant robot. Personally I’m getting a little tired of giant robots in superhero films, especially when I thought Viper was a much better adversary.

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