Issue #92: The Wolverine Review


Issue #92: The Wolverine Review | Comic Book Podcast | Talking Comics

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Welcome back to another issue of the Talking Comics podcast.

This week is all about The Wolverine, the latest from 20th Century Fox. We do a non-spoilery discussion about our thoughts on the movie and then (with LOTS of warning) we break down the film WITH spoilers, so make sure you to pay attention for that segway if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

And of course, we discuss our lives, the news and our favourite comic books of the week which include: Steed and Mrs. Peel, Rocketeer and Spirit: Pulp Friction, Amazing Spider-Man, Amala’s Blade, Batman 66, Superior Spider-Man, Gamma, Hunger, Hawkeye Annual, Young Avengers and more.

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7 thoughts on “Issue #92: The Wolverine Review

  1. Agreed on almost all parts with the Wolverine. But one thing that really annoyed me about it and it may seem stupid but in terms of consistency I think it’s a big deal. But when his claws are cut off, there are adamantium stumps left over. then when his bone claws finally pop, they’re magically gone. I understand the bone claws healed, but if adamantium is an indestructible substance, how did they just disappear?
    Also on a side note my theory with the end credits scene and how Xavier looks like Xavier still, he’s a telepath. It makes sense that even if he’s in someone else’s body, he’d telepathically make everyone see him as they remember him. Anyway. Hello.

  2. I think I’m missing something with Young Avengers. I’ve been reading it from the start and while I’ve been enjoying it well enough to keep it on my pull list month in and month out, I am never as excited for an issue as you guys were on the show this week. Is the fact that I haven’t read the previous YA run what’s leading me to not be as invested in this current series as everyone else seems to be?

    Personally I’m not caring much for Billy and Teddy’s love story and I’m mainly reading for Hawkeye, Kid Loki, Miss America, and Noh-Varr.

    1. Also, I’m glad to hear Stephanie mention Batman ’66 because I’ve been loving that series. However, I’m disappointed to find out that after issue three the guided view that Stephanie spoke about on the show has been dropped and reading it has become just like reading any other comic. Don’t get me wrong the writing is still fun and enjoyable like the TV show but it definitely feels less special now. I’m curious to know what Stephanie thinks of the change when she gets to issue 4.

    2. John,

      Thanks for all the comments this week! I’m sad to hear about the dropping of the guided view for Batman ’66 as it was a fresh way of experiencing the book.

      Fraction is simply on fire right now with all of his stuff. FF is sublime silliness.

      As for your feelings on Young Avengers, the only thing I read of the previous run was The Children’s Crusade (which I highly recommend) so I can’t speak to the book effecting me because of previous knowledge. I just respond to the out of the box storytelling, the beautiful visuals and characters I’m growing to love. I like Billy and Teddy’s story a lot, but Kid Loki is the one for me that brings it all together. He’s one of my favorites in all the Marvel U.

    3. John,

      I don’t get all the rage about Young Avengers either. I read the first three, but dropped it. If I had more money I might pick it up, but I didn’t feel a connection to any of the characters. Not a bad book, but not my cup of tea.

      1. It is rolling out on Marvel Unlimited. It is a great service that is only 6 months or so behind the shelves, in any case it is great to catch series that you just couldn’t afford to keep.

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