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Flash #16 Review

Flash 16The Flash # 16

Written by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato

Art by Francis Manapul

Colors by Brian Buccellato

Review by Adam Shaw


Flash! Aaaah AAAAAAH! Sorry, wrong franchise, but it’s what I hear every time I open an issue of The Flash. Issue #16 is the fourth part in the Gorilla Warfare story arc, but it feels like it has been a lot longer.

The issue starts off with a flashback of Barry and Iris on a date in order to better establish the emotional connection they share. The only problem is this flashback seems a little forced, and by the end of the issue I wasn’t sure what exactly the purpose was. I haven’t really cared about Iris the whole run of The Flash so far. It sucks for her to be stuck in the Speed Force, but bleh. That’s pretty much the only word I could come up with to describe my feelings.

Barry had also decided that he can’t win because his “Speed Mind” saw no outcome where he could win. However, I am glad that Barry decided to overcome his mental handicap in this issue. It has been a little depressing to just see him give up the past few issue. Honestly, the Rogues have been more interesting to read this arc than the Flash himself.

Overall, this story line has been building for a while. It’s obvious that Manapul and Buccellato are going for an epic Flash story, but it has been falling a little flat. It feels like the story has been dragging on for several issues now. Perhaps tying the Speed Force to the ancient beliefs of Gorilla city is supposed to make the story sound deeper, but it isn’t. It’s a giant gorilla that wants The Flash’s powers because his religion says it is the source of awesome power. It’s that simple.

Despite my dislike of the story, the art in this issue is superb. Manapul’s layouts coupled with Buccellato’s bright, vivid colors are a fantastic source of eye-candy. You can almost overlook any shortcomings with the story. The two also do an excellent job portraying the speed at which the Flash moves. I love to look at this book.

The Verdict

If you aren’t a fan of The Flash, then pass up this book. It’s the middle of a weak story line right now, and there are better titles you can be reading right now. It’s a shame too. I love The Flash, and the first six issues or so were quite enjoyable. If you are only a fan of comic art, then you’ll enjoy almost every issue of The Flash.

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