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Locke & Key Fantasy Casting

Cast Chosen by Steve Seigh

Well, it appears as if the prayers of many a comic fan have finally been answered. The creepy and mysterious comic book series from IDW Publishing,  Locke & Key, is in the throws of planning a feature film trilogy! I’ll give you a minute to regain your composure … good? Okay, me too. Here at Talking Comics we love comics a lot, but we’re also major fans of the silver screen. So every now and again we throw our casting director caps on and tell you who we’d like to see be a part of these exciting film projects. So without further or due, here are Steve Seigh’s casting choices for Joe Hill’s Locke & Key.

Kinsey Locke would be played by Saoirse Ronan


Tyler Locke would be played by Chris Hemsworth


Rendell Locke would be played by Joel Edgerton


Nina Locke would be played by Kim Rhodes

Nina Locke



Duncan Locke would be played by Chris Pine




Bode Locke would be played by Gulliver McGrath


Sam Lesser would be played by Sam Rockwell


Dodge would be played by Rooney Mara



And there you have it. I personally think my version of Locke & Key would be pretty bad ass. And now that I’ve read the first two volumes of the series I can tell you straight up that I’m super excited to see how this film project develops. With any luck we’ll wind up with a frightening PG-13 to R rated adaption that stays true to the source material. Unfortunately, at this time there really aren’t any concrete details about the film series, but you know what that means, don’t you? It means that I still have a chance at getting my cast into the film and they can cut me a big fat consultants check. Maybe? Right? Oh, hush. 

* This list was compiled while listening to the album Parades by the band Efterklang.


3 Responses

  1. Stephanie Cooke

    Not bad, but I’d replace some of your cast with these people:
    Dodge – Lizzy Caplan
    Rendell – Brian Sexton
    Sam Lesser – Marshall Allman
    Duncan – Eddie Redmayne

    Also, Chris Hemsworth is far too old to play Tyler, but I’m not sure who would be a good replacement.

  2. David Short

    I really like a lot of these picks! Good job, dude. To be cool like Stephanie though:
    Dodge- Lizzy Caplan/Zachary Quinto

    Tyler- Liam Hensworth (it’s his little brother, still big guy)

    Bode- Isaac Hempstead White

    Duncan- Alex Pettyfer

    Sam- Aaron Paul

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