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Talking Comics Presents: December 5

Talking Comics Presents: December 5

By David Short


Ah, the best time of the year is here! Pumpkin spice can still be found if you look hard enough, and eggnog and eggnog flavored stuff is rolling in at alarming rates. It’s the small things that make life worth living. Then, you know, there’s family and the Holidays and whatnot too. But, nearing the top of everyone’s list is the weekly dose of comics we addicts pine for. Talking Comics is here with the only cure for a Turkey hangover as we tell you which books will fend off the copious amounts of tryptophan (and that seemingly endless, and probably rotting by now, supply of Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge) that comes with the times!


Womanthology Space #3, IDW

Recommended by Mara, Tali and Steve

IDW’s Womanthology series has been great so far. With all kinds of different adventures into the wonders of space, there is something for everyone here. Then there is the big draw: these are stories made by women for, well, everyone. There are usually some individual stories in anthologies that I couldn’t care less about, but that has yet to happen with this series. Everything has had some redeeming quality about it, whether it be art, story, or some other combination that can endear you to a story. It may not be a deep, ongoing story like most regular books, but Womanthology is far from an ordinary book. Check it out.


Thunderbolts #1, Marvel

Recommended by Travis, Bob and Steve

Dark Avengers? HA! You may have been able to fool some folks, Marvel, but here at Talking Comics know that this has been the book you’ve been giving us all along. Of course, Bob was adamant about making sure we all were well informed, and for that we are thankful. Nevertheless, Daniel Way and Steve Dillon are bringing the team that every member of the Marvel Universe should fear back to prominence, and doing so with its namesake back at the Helm. Thunderbolt Ross (Red Hulk) is in charge of the misfit team including Frank Castle, Deadpool, Elektra, and Venom. What could possibly go wrong with this group?


Creepy Scarlett Volume 1

Recommended by Tali Adina

Not often that self-published titles make the Presents list, but there is a first time for everything! Creepy Scarlett is a horror series that focuses on Scarlett (who is creepy, go figure) who has vowed revenge against the town and people that have somehow wronged her. Facing off against foes like the serial killer Pumpkinface and The Order of the Red Sun, Scarlett seems to have her work cut out for her to achieve her vengeance. Graeme Buchan is joined by a cavalcade of artists in the first volume, and letterer and colorist Jessica Jimerson. As with all self-published works, if you want there to be more, then you have to support it.


Avengers #1, Marvel

Recommended by Bobby and Bob

Jonathan Hickman on a team book, with tons of possibilities and characters at his disposal, and a plan that is set for about 3 years of stories you say? Yea, I’ll bite on that. The former Fantastic Four authority brings his talents to what could be Marvel’s biggest book. With the success of the film and a brand new #1 accompanying this book, look for sales numbers to be pretty substantial.  Jerome Opeña will join Hickman on the creative team handling the artistic duties. Plus, Bendis really helped out the new team by leaving them as close to a full deck of cards as can be expected. I’m super excited for the next Hickman epic, and you should be as well.


All New X-Men #3, Marvel

Recommended by Joey

If you’ve liked this series so far, then you’re probably pleased with the fact that you’ll be getting 3 issues of this book within a month’s time. If not, well, deal with it. Bendis has had an interesting take on the X-men that we know and love, but you can’t deny that it hasn’t been incredibly gripping thus far. The more the younger versions of the X-men get to interact with themselves, the deeper this book will get. Of course, the addition of new mutants to the fold will certainly provide Bendis with a large supply of new toys to keep things fresh.


World’s Finest #7, DC

Recommended by Bob

It’s something to take seriously when Bob endorses a DC title. World’s Finest has been the Grey Guardian’s favorite addition to DC’s lineup, and with good cause. The book has a good sense of humor, tight handle on its characters, and a strong story so far. #7 will continue the events of Damian and the Huntress’ meeting, and should prove to have some interesting character moments if the Bat gets involved. World’s Finest is a fun book, if nothing else, and sometimes that’s much better than anything you could possibly ask a book to be.


Hawkeye #5, Marvel

Pretty much unanimous that this book is a must buy!

I don’t think it’s possible for you to have missed the buzz over Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Hawkeye series. But in case you’ve been recently woken up from a cryogenic prison sentence, or are just oblivious to all things awesome, this book is one that you should be buying every single time it comes out. While Aja is rotated out and Javier Pullido is filling in for him, the writing, humor, and style that come from this book are some of the best in all of comics. This week we get the conclusion to Hawkeye’s tape fiasco, and the fallout that will follow between him and Kate.  Fraction continues to dominate Presents, but it has been with good reason. He’s pretty amazing.

Others to Watch For

I Love Trouble #1

X-Factor #248

Matt Barker: The Art of Glamour

Hellboy In Hell #1


I fought off the urge to feature Hawkeye in all of this week’s slots (you’re welcome), and that was no simple task. However, I could not fight off a different urge, but that takes place below. Glad to be back, guys!


Emails by the fire with Bob Reyer

You may have noticed an unacceptable lack of Bob quotes from this week’s Presents. Bob gives me too much golden material in his weekly correspondence to keep from all of you. So, this is a new segment added to Presents in which I will give you a nugget, or two, from the man himself. Enjoy!

Bob’s thoughts on All New X-Men

Last chance at the rodeo:

All-New X-Men #3 Thankfully, this seems to come out every other day, so I can move on quickly. The usual de-compressed BMB [Brian Michael Bendis] story-telling (two issues in with half-an-issue of plot), dialogue that’s way too clever for its own good, and as someone who bought all those “original X-Men” books from #1 up, I’m not “hearing” Stan Lee’s or Roy Thomas’ characters speaking. Perhaps I’m biased, or maybe I’m seeing the past through ruby-quartz-colored- glasses, but I have a longer history with the X-Men than anyone in our little sewing circle, so I guess I’m a mite protective. If I drop this book (or even if I don’t!) I think I’ll go re-read John Byrne’s “X-Men: The Hidden Years” instead.”


Did I leave anything out, or nail it (as usual)? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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