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How do you exacerbate a comic’s art issues? By having the incomparable Dodson duo illustrate an AMAZING COVER.

Gambit #6

Written by James Asmus

Pencils by Diogenes Neves & Al Barrionuevo

Inks by Allen Martinez & Raul Fernandez

Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg

Review by Joey Braccino

Gambit continues his (mis)adventure across the pond in merry old MI13-defended London! Borya Cich continues threatening to blow Gambit up if he refuses to work for him! Pete Wisdom continues acting far too ornery and aloof for such a strapping super-powered secret agent with a British accent! Excalibur, Supernatural weaponry, and alien power-sappers abound as Asmus and the art-team continue telling their Gambit tale.

Asmus’ script is filled with action, humor, and flair. The dialogue is fast-paced. Gambit’s narration finally is showing elements of his Cajun accent. The cliffhanger to this issue fits in perfectly with the larger narrative Asmus has been developing since issue #1. This should be a great comic book, and yet, for one key reason, it falls short of success.

The artwork has been all over the place since the second issue of this fledgling series. Clay Mann started strong as the series regular, and then eventually had to be joined by Leonard Kirk for additional pages. Fortunately, Kirk did a fairly decent job emulating Mann’s style, so the transitions between artists weren’t as jarring as they could have been. The same can’t be said for Diogenes Neves and Al Barrionuevo. Despite the changeover happening at a scene change, the two art styles are so different that it’s almost like reading two different comic books. Neves’ artwork is actually reminiscent of Mann and Kirk’s work on the series: ‘90s-inspired figurework, kinetic action sequences, widescreen panels. Barrionuevo’s, however, is more in line with a Paul Davidson or Alan Davis: naturalistic, thinned-out facial designs and interesting angles. The styles don’t work well together, and the changeover halfway through the book is jarring. Gambit himself is irregularly portrayed by each artist, making for a dissatisfying and distracted reading.


If you can tolerate the inconsistent art, check it out. Asmus is doing his best to create a fresh take on the Gambit character. If only Marvel and the editorial staff could figure out these art issues.

About The Author

Reviews Editor & Podcast Co-Host

Joey Braccino took his BA in English and turned it into an Ed.M. in English Education. Currently, he brings comics back in a big way all day every day to public education. In addition to proselytizing the good word of comics to this nation’s under-aged citizenry, Joey is a firm believer in the academic and literary merits of cultural media more broadly—particularly film, radio, pop journalism, and social media. #Excelsior!

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2 Responses

  1. RepStones

    Ok, im going to try and be as un-hysterical as i can…What is the story with the art. As a Gambit fan it is so infuriating to see such a level of disrespect paid to the cunning Cajun. If you want a book based around a non-marquee character (i could rant about how its so ridiculous that Gambit isn’t a marquee character, but thats for another post) to take off, one sure fire way to fail is by turning potential readers off with this hodge podge approach to the artwork.
    I didn’t enjoy Clay Mann’s art at the start and with this #6 im still not liking it with Neves and Barrionuevo on duty. I’m only liking a few close up panel’s of Gambit’s face. I want my Jim Lee or Lee Weeks Remy, maybe im stuck in the 90’s?
    Still missing the trench-coat. This black cat-suit from Tom Cruise’s mission impossible has to go. As i said on an earlier review of this series – Remy without his trench-coat is like Logan without his muttonchops.
    As regards the story, its maintaining my interest (but i’ll be honest, even if it wasn’t i’d still buy this, its Gambit ffs). Wisdom is an interesting character and creates a good foil for Asmus to play Gambit off. Also i can’t wait to see Mr Cich get his comeuppance.
    I did enjoy the little in-joke when the Queen called Remy a ‘Roguish man’ – little does old lizzie know huh?

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