Star Bright and the Looking Glass Review

Star Bright and the Looking Glass

Words and Art by Jonathan Luna

Review by Steve Seigh

Once upon a time … there lived a carefree,  yet unkempt young woman named Star Bright, who lived inside of the forest with her three animal friends. And though their lives were simple, the four friends were very happy to enjoy each others company and friendship. But on what seemed like just an ordinary day in the forest, Star Bright found a looking glass. And inside that looking glass was a horrible and wicked truth. Beauty is relative. And narcissism will cost you ever so dearly if you allow yourself to be swallowed within its jagged maw.

Star Bright and the Looking Glass is a book that I will treasure for years to come. Upon opening the book I was immediately transported back to a time in my own life when my mother would read me the works of The Grimm Brothers, Lewis Carrol, and Aesop. Those were some of the best and most inspiring stories of my life and I would gladly place this book beside them on my shelf. Sold as a beautifully crafted hard cover graphic novel (complete with gold etching on the front cover (Golden Books, anyone?!?), Star Bright and the Looking Glass reads like a straight up fairy tale or fable of way back when. The story of Star Bright, while seeming incredibly familiar at first, slowly begins to turn into something all of its own as you turn each page.

While reading Star Bright and the Looking Glass I found myself growing more and more excited at the thought of sharing this with my nieces. And isn’t it nice to be able to say something like that about a graphic novel? Especially something so rich in its lessons to teach them about self worth, being kind toward those who love you, and how its truly what’s on the inside that makes a person beautiful? Perhaps I’m being a bit too sentimental but aren’t comics supposed to evoke emotions from us? Aren’t these artists and writers putting their all into sharing their gifts with us? Well, most of them anyway. Star Bright and the Looking Glass, in my opinion, is the product of a well established fairy tale foundation with just enough of something new to make it special, something all its own.

VERDICT: Treat yourself to this book. This is a book that you can share with your children as well as your inner child. Star Bright and the Looking Glass is the kind of book that you will pass on to others. Don’t miss out.

* This review was written while listening to the album Old Raves End by the band Swarms

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