Jimmy Brass 2nd Grade Detective #1 Review

Written by: Jake Dickerman
Art by: Jason Pruett
Lettered by: Julia Fung

Reviewed by Talisha Harrison aka Tali Adina

“Jimmy Brass does not play nicely with other children, but he will solve their mysteries for a dollar a day.  His only friend is a kindergartener with anger issues.  Together, they’re going to solve the mysteries and figure out the grand conspiracy behind Second Grade, if there really turns out to be one…”

I love detective stories, Sherlock Holmes stories are my favorites. When I read the title of this comic, I knew I had to take a peak and boy am I happy that I did.

The story begins of course with a mystery that needs solving. A young girl who is preparing for a spelling bee contest is having trouble sleeping as a monster is terrorizing her every night. Her parents don’t believe her and so who does she turn to to help her solve her problem? Why Jimmy Brass second grade detective!

The story is funny, insightful and just all round enjoyable. The characters are excellent from the young girl who needs her problem solved to the Jimmy and his kindergarten bodyguard Opal who has a voracious appetite for beating the bad guys up. The writing is great, smart and witty. And I love the art, it has somewhat of a Charles Schulz feel to it.

Dickerman and Pruett are definitely onto something with this story and  there’s no telling where their creativity will take readers. The game is afoot and readers will enjoy the adventure.

Buy it. This is an excellent introduction into comics for readers of all ages. You won’t be disappointed by this book. This series is off to an amazing start. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I know you will too.

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