Review: Morning Glories #16

Morning Glories #16

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Joe Eisma

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

Morning Glories touches me in all the right places. After our lovely contributor and co-host podcaster, Stephanie, brought this mysterious series (penned by Nick Spencer with art by Joe Eisma) to our attention I’d felt that I’d had no choice in the matter but to give it a go. For those of you who have no idea what Morning Glories is all about: It’s a dramatic science fiction story about a group of children trapped within the walls of a sinister prep school where strange and dangerous events take place on a daily basis. Morning Glories is the stuff my comic dreams are made of. 

Morning Glories #16 continues the tradition of this book being over the top good reading as Casey explores her very own past with Ms. Hodge in an effort to rescue her parents from future horrific events. It’s a little bit of NBC’s Lost in it’s delivery, but manages to remain it’s own entity as with each page the mystery of this story becomes larger and more intriguing with each turn of the page. This issue teaches us all about having blind faith in Ms. Hodge’s ability to navigate the past, the events that occur forcing us to place all of our “trust” eggs into only her basket. Adding to her mystique we learn that we are all the true weavers of our own destiny’s. The act of playing God is never something that should be taken all too lightly, but Morning Glories forces you to imagine the possibilities and asks that you carry them out, lest you want to die a painful death, a death without answers.

It’s hard to find anything negative to say about a comic book series that has been so consistently good since the very first issue. Some might argue that there have been hiccups here and there, but I disagree. There appears to be a very planned and calculated madness happening in Morning Glories Academy, and you’re just going to have to trust that Nick Spencer knows what he’s doing. I, for one, have complete faith in Spencer and Eisma‘s ability to carry this wild ride out to the end. I think when all is said and done that Morning Glories will go down as one of my favorite comic book experiences of all time. Now go get yourself caught up and buy this fantastic book!


Did you read my review? Go grab your wallet, your car keys, and get your ass to your local comic book store and buy this book. If your comic retailer isn’t carrying this series you probably should find a new place to haunt for your comic needs. Just sayin. 

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