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Super News Power Punch – Week of 2.19

Beginning NOW I shall offer you fabulous Talking Comics readers a quick, heavily opinionated round up of what I deem some of the most fun entertainment news stories. I will offer interpretations soaked in sarcasm. I will encourage you to pessimistically criticize these stories, while pummeling your skeptical minds with silliness, all in the hopes that you will giggle at least once a week. I may offend someone. In fact, it’s likely that I will. Feel free to disagree with me, praise me, send me cupcakes. However you plan to exact your revenge, express it in that comment box below. The war of wits must always be played on a public field, open for all to test their skills on. Enjoy, suckers!

Angry Birds Space, in your face!

Have you catapulted enough birds yet? Have you sploded’ enough shoddily built pig fortresses? Have you bruised and beaten those arrogant little pork faces to your heart’s delight? No?  On March 22nd, Rovio will bless us with a cosmic Angry Birds experience, continuing the never ending war of feathers and skins in space! In SPACE! I’m hoping for aliens, strange new surfaces and gravity-free game play. Check out Angry Birds Space: Discovery trailer here.


Did somebody say Skyrim? 

I have a Skyrim problem, like so many others. That problem is playing it. Playing it as often and as long as I can, with no hesitation to ignore real life responsibilities, pet care needs, eating, talking to my husband or peeing in favor of it. I can’t stop myself from clicking on any and all links that appear in my numerous feeds with the word Skyrim in them. “It could be something I’ve missed!” “What if that’s a tip I don’t know?” “Oh, more bug videos!”. It’s sad, really. My friends have started changing the subject when I mention the game. My assistant at work has nicknamed me Skyrim. My mother has been leaving me voicemails, begging for some small sign that I’m alive, crying that she ‘just doesn’t know me anymore’. Ok, that might not be true.

Bethesda (God) has bestowed upon us a wondrous new tool in Skyrim adventuring: the interactive Skyrim map app. Official world including all 9 hold capital cities, interior maps, primary locations and screenshots. You can even pin locations to keep track of you’re current world domination! Oh, I am so excited to be in Skyrim all the time, on my phone, even when I’m not playing, weeee! Oh, wait. It’s currently only available on iOS, in the US. Well, damn. Have fun with that, Apple folks. Until I finish developing my universe-wide, Apple user explosion bomb!


Playstation Vita wants to eat your brain.

I promise, I won’t only cover video games here. This week Playstation released their super slick new handheld gaming device, the Vita. A 5″ screen, 3G and Wifi, dual sticks, 8GB  and brain eating capabilities. Lots and lots of cool, flashy games with cute little anime rip off characters doing whirly kicks. Games with guns and stuff. With this incredible device you can play games all day and never have a conversation with another person ever again! Who am I kidding, do any of us actually talk anymore, anyway? You can have a Playstation Vita for the low, low price of $300. I mean $299.99.  Yeah, great deal. Honestly, I haven’t bought a handheld gaming deice since the Nintendo DS Lite. I have played some hard core, brain twisting games on that baby, too. Like Tetris, Metroid Pinball and Puzzle Quest. That’s right, noobs, I am HARD. Yeah, so, I won’t buy one of these, but they look pretty neat-o, so if you are in need of something beyond your PC, laptop, tablet, DS, Xbox and smartphone that makes the beeps and the bloops, save your grocery money for a couple weeks and get yourself one.



J.K. Rowling will write for the grown ups. 

The much loved author of Harry Potter novels announced she has plans to work with a new publisher, writing ‘adult’ fiction. So, we’re all happy she’s going to keep writing. And that’s about it. There’s really not much else to say about this, besides ‘cool!’. If the idea of some fluffy, grown up romancey schmancy new story minus the Hogwarts crew does not interest you, there are plenty of Potter fans out there more than happy to oblige the ‘adult’ readers with some, um, very special Potter fan fiction. Note: adults only.


Doctor Who books for young adults will be available in US

Penguin Books UK has cut a deal with Diamond Comic Distributors to sell it’s young adult and children’s line of Doctor Who books in various retail outlets in the US. If you have a kid in your life, as I do, who you are attempting to mold into an awkward, socially inept nerd, as I am, then these books are a must have! It’s not always easy in the comic book realm to dig up age appropriate material for kids, so I’m genuinely thrilled to see these become available in the US. Penguin Books UK has already published over 100 of these gems and they plan to continue the line with fun activity books, special collections and stickers. What kid doesn’t love stickers? Ok, so I would love some Doctor Who stickers myself; I think my home is severely lacking in alien accessories and decor.


Grant Morrison + “Men in Black” director Barry Sonnenfeld = “Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens”

Do I really need to say more? Ok, I will. Dinosaurs. Aliens. Grant Morrison. Awesomeness in your face! This project will include a graphic novel (with artist Mukesh Singh) and a film. It will kick off this spring with a preview issue being published by Liquid Comics, arriving for Free Comic Book Day, which we all know is basically just Christmas. The full size graphic novel will be available in hard cover, digital AND an interactive digital book app which includes the ability to see the layers of graphics involved in the creation of the book. In all seriousness (just for a second), this is a great example of the new heights creators can accomplish when utilizing multi media outlets in creative ways, and by inviting readers to enjoy the creation process as much as the finished work. I am stoked about this project and really hope it ends up as chock full of amazing as it sounds like it will.


Gods! Cyclops! Pegasus! Splosions! 

This movie looks cool as fuck. In a fun, guilty pleasure sort of way. That is all.


Melissa likes to play games, read books, cut hair, eat cookies, cuddle and play with goats. She really, really likes goats. She watches lots of movies and especially loves the scary ones. Her time is largely spent maintaining multiple social media outlets…

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