Review: Monocyte #1

Monocyte #1

Created and written by Menton3 and Kasra Ghanbari

Art by Menton3

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

Monocyte will not be for everyone. Placed within a world born from the darkest ambitions of man, Monocyte challenges it’s readers ability to comprehend it’s verbose language and willingness to place themselves within a world of disillusionment and bleak skies. I’m not going to pretend like I understood the brilliance of Monocyte right away, absolutely not, but halfway through my third go, I began to truly appreciate what had been set before me by the likes of Menton3 and Kasra Ghanbari. The art of Monocyte is truly something to behold. It’s as if  Dante’s Inferno, HR Giger, Frank Miller, Dark City, Hellraiser and  Neil Gaiman’s Sandman had all gotten together for a good old fashioned sadomasochistic romp. Each page drips with darkness and points a long, crooked finger toward the blackest parts of the soul of mankind.

Born from man’s over abuse of technology and hubris the factions of The Olignostics and the Antedeluvians struggle for dominion over an already demolished existence. To even attempt to describe the contents of the story without citing the book word for word would be doing Menton3 and Kasra Ghanbari‘s vision a grave disservice. The contents of the book is born from that of the darkest science fiction and horror that needs to be seen (or read) to be appreciated. The threat posed by The One Eyed, a creature trained in the art of death and despair, is horrifying enough to make even the strongest of readers cringe. Using it’s victim’s bones as if they were it’s own, The One Eyed walks the poisoned plains of what’s left of the world, in honor of destruction and a hunger, to place even the undying in eternal agony. As the war between the Olignostics and the Antedeluvians rages on, Monocyte looks to be a genre series that will quench the thirst of those readers willing to embrace the darkest parts of their lust for what is black within a beautiful world filled with shadows, blood, and damnation.


It Depends – How deep are you willing to delve into the macabre nature of man? How dark and wordy do you like the content of your comics to be? Being a man who is no stranger to the harsh nature of man I was more than willing to give into the beauty of this book though many may feel that it’s overly intricate nature is difficult to grasp. Though if you want a sophisticated story of a world that will haunt even the darkest shadows of our own then I suggest you give Monocyte a read. If not for the vast world it presents then at least stay for the breath taking artistry, I promise you won’t regret it.

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