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The Memory Collectors #1 & #2 Review

The Memory Collectors #1 & #2  Art & Writing: Menton3 Review by Melissa Megan It’s no secret that I adore everything and anything produced by the mad, mad genius Menton3…..

Lust Book One Review

Lust Review Art: Menton3, Ben Templesmith Writing: Steve Niles Editor: Kasra Ghanbari Foreword by Warren Ellis Review by Melissa Megan When I first met 44FLOOD, at NYCC in 2011, they were not 44FLOOD…..

44FLOOD: Tome: Vampirism Album Review

44FLOOD: Tome: Vampirism Album Review Contributing Artists: Saltillo, Richard Waters, Kevin Allen, Paintings for the Flood, Tony Wakeford & Renee Rosen, Fink, Sunday Munich, Collide, Monica Richards with Paul Mercer,….

Transfusion #3 Review

Transfusion #3 Review Writing: Steve Niles Art: Menton3 Review by Melissa Megan In case you haven’t been reading Transfusion (and you should be) here’s a quick catch up. The world has been….