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Review: Birds of Prey #2


“Trouble in Mind”

Written by Duane Swiercxynski

Art by Jesus Saiz

Review by Brian Verderosa


I thought that last month’s debut issue of Birds of Prey was quite good, though it lacked the whimsy that its predecessor had. The Ev character makes up for that in this issue, and overall I think the book is coming into its own and finding a niche. After last month’s revelation (I won’t spoil it here, but it’s a good ‘un) we pick up right where we left off with Diana & Co. trying to figure out what happened and who was responsible.

Enter Katana. She is a badass, soft-spoken ninja chick who speaks to her dead husband through her sword. Yeah, you read that right. She joins forces with the team and a fair amount of ass-kickery ensues. What I really dig about the art style (as well as the pacing) is that there’s a very episodic feel to the book. Action setpieces feel like they would belong in a big-budget television show or film, and they jump off the page.

There is a void left by Oracle no longer being part of the group, however. That’s what this creative team needs to find to shoot this book into the highest eschellon — someone or something that can replace Barbara as the most level-headed of the crew (not to mention its heart and soul).


Buy it, but make sure you read #1 first, as they go together.

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