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Review: Blue Beetle #2

Blue Beetle #2
Issue Title: Metamorphosis part 2
Written by Tony Bedard
Pencilled by Ig Guara
Inked by Ruy Jose

Review by Bobby Shortle

It is an odd thing when you encounter a story not meant for you. Blue Beetle #2 is one such book and so is avery tough nut to crack. I’m a fan of the science fiction bent and the powers the Beetle can employ but I can’t help but find Jaime Reyes plight a bit silly.  It all feels like its aimed towards someone younger.  I don’t fault DC or Tony Bedard for this and in fact I like the idea of comics for different ages. I may not like the corny quips or teen angst but I can appreciate it.  But I do find serious story flaws with issue #2 and those are no good for any generation.

The book begins with bang as Jaime is now fully attached to the Blue Beetle symbiote and I like the battle that ensues. I don’t like the “hero is not in control” aspect of the story at all though. I think its a mistake when you take choice out of your protagonist’s hand and that is exactly what has been done here.  He is fighting to be good but his suit doesn’t want him to? That’s really what is supposed to engage me for 20+ pages? I was fairly positive on this book last month but now I’m question the direction.


Skip It- I waited to see where it went and I’m not happy with it. It forsakes a promising protagonist  to easy story devices. The intergalactic stuff seems fun but there isn’t enough of it.


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