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Review: DC Comics Presents #2


“Twenty Questions Part 2”

Written by Paul Jenkins

Art by Bernard Chang

Review by Brian Verderosa


One of my favorite books from the New 52, this title is growing on me even more after its second month. There is no indicator as to how long this particular story arc will last, but I hope it’s several more issues. Sure, I do love the idea of a revolving door that lets DC throw us stories from lesser-known characters, but this has been so good I don’t want it to end.

What leaps out at me most about this story is Boston Brand (Deadman) and his ability to ask questions. So often our hero or heroine does their job blind, but especially as a reintroduction, Jenkins’ script really paints uncertainty over Brand’s head.

There is some fantastic stuff packed in here, including “club hopping,” a hilarious tactic that sees Brand jumping in and out of bodies fast enough that the baddies on his trail don’t get wind of it before it’s too late.

The issue ends with a “to be continued,” so we will have at least one more week of Brand and Deadman awesomeness. Until then….



Buy it, especially if you have any fondness for the character.


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