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Review: Batman: The Dark Knight #1


Written/Co-Plotting by Paul Jenkins

Pencils/Co-Plotting by David Finch

Inks by Richard Friend


BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #1 I’m sorry to say did not bowl me over, and this is coming from someone whose favorite character of all time is the Dark Knight himself. The book just seemed rather typical of a Batman plot, offering very little that seemed new and fresh. A breakout from Arkham Asylum is always a welcomed event within the Batman universe because it is pretty much an excuse to set everything back to zero and systematically give the villains a new story arc, making our way through them all issues by issue.


However, it’s in the final page where I actually let out a, “What?” when *SPOILER* we’re met with a behemoth version of Two-Face, now proclaiming that Batman can start calling him “One-Face”. This really threw me through a loop as I’ve never seen a version of Two-Face that looked more like Bane rather than Harvey Dent or otherwise. The change left me feeling confused and even a little angry at the turn of events. I’m open to bringing the villain into new territory but it just seemed like a really silly move to me at the time.



Call your landlord about that rock you’ve been living under if you don’t know who Batman is.



Wait and See – It pains me to say this, but with so many Batman books on the rise there may be other story arcs that make more sense than this one. If you’re a huge Batman fan, and I am, you’ll want to pick this up solely for dedication to the character, but you might not like what you find within it’s pages.

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