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Review: Voodoo #1

Title: Keeping Secrets
Written by Ron Marz
Art & Cover by Sami Basri
Colors by Jessica Kholinne

VOODOO #1 doesn’t pack much of a punch until its final pages. The bulk of the book serves as a straight forward introduction to the character which in my estimation some of the other New 52 books are lacking quite a bit. What might not be the most enthralling start to her character the book certainly is sexy and not for younger audiences as there is a lot of skin and seduction that takes place.

What I like about Voodoo is her ability. Being of alien origin and able to shape shift into anyone she happens to come across could lend to some pretty exciting stories if done correctly. Unfortunately about the only thing to like about this book is Voodoo herself. Our other characters are rather cliché and quite frankly a bit of a pain in the ass to have to deal with for the amount of time spent on their panels. I’m curious as to where DC will take this character and what her story arc (since we still don’t have one) will be. Only time and a few more issues will tell.


Voodoo is of a shape shifting alien race sent to study the heroes of the DC Universe and she’s sexy as hell.


Wait and See – Pick the book up in the store and give it a once over if you choose. Like I said, the book doesn’t set very much up but leaves things wide open for good things to come. It’s going to be another issue or two to find out if this character is worth your time and money.

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