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Robin & Batman #1 Review

“I thought this would be a dream come true. A fantasy. I mean, there are monsters and there is even a Knight.”  Robin & Batman #1 Jeff Lemire (@JeffLemire) Dustin….

Talking Comics Podcast: Issue #521: Sexy Zootopia

Talking Comics Podcast: Issue #521: Sexy Zootopia Download Directly From iTunes NOW on SPOTIFY! WARNING: This episode contains furries, confessions, Disney+ Day news, harsh words about Spider-Man, nice houses, questionable….

Batman: The Imposter #1 Review

“Someone’s out there pretending to be Batman” Batman: The Imposter Issue 1 Matt Tomlin Andrea Sorrentino (@And_Sorrentino) Jordie Bellaire Review by Chris Ceary Content warnings/Trigger warnings: graphic violence, mental illness….