Aquaman #27 Review

Aquaman #27 Review

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by Stjepan Sejic

Letters by Steve Wands

Reviewed by Lorna Maltman (

There are three storylines that propel the story forward and which make this arc of Aquaman feel like an underwater Game of Thrones, with magic, death and a good bit of subterfuge thrown in for good measure.  A usurped and presumed dead Aquaman is caught in the claws (quite literally) of ninth circle gang leader, Krush, along with the mute dolphin. Krush is trying to find out the value of the assets he acquired ; he does this via sorcery and a massive sea creature that looks part dragon, part eel and part dinosaur.

The story then moves to Vulko (Aquaman’s advisor), who is trying to escape Atlantean guards, when a disgraced member of the widowhood (a previously introduced institution) comes to Vulko’s aid and floats the idea of a heist to help Aquaman. The comic then shifts to the surface, where Mera has gone to Titans’ tower to ask for Garth’s help in returning to Atlantis. The last page sets up new players in the Atlantean political struggle and makes Aquaman all the more interesting a read.

Abnett has created a layered and diverse Atlantis, with character motivations that are clear and compelling. Mera has been a standout in this series and this issue is no different Abnett makes her strong and intelligent whilst also showing her deep care and love for Arthur – she is only in three pages in this issue, yet she still shines.

Sjeic’s art is, as you would expect, stunning with brilliant creature designs and action, but some of the best pages are when characters are just conversing as Sjeic brings an expressiveness to the characters that not many artists are capable of, bringing what could be a dull page, to life.


Buy.  Abnett and Sjeic are knocking this series out of the park, with each other enhancing the others work; and whilst it may be a trope of a deposed of king seeking back his throne, the new layers and Sjeic’s art makes Aquaman a comic you have to read each month.

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