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The TALKING COMICS Pull List – September 7th, 2016


Every Wednesday, the Talking Comics collective will post a mega-list of the comics they’re most excited to pull off the shelves that week. With the wide range of personal tastes on our staff here, you know there’s bound to be something worth sampling come New Comic Book Day!!!

Then, check back here on Sunday to see if the comics on the Pull List met the team’s expectations with reviews and quippy quotables!!!


This week’s contributors:

New Comic Book Day – September 7, 2016



Aftershock Comics
Alters #1

Alters #1 – By Paul Jenkins & Leila Leiz

  • Big Paul Jenkins fan and big fan of books that increase diversity and visibility of the LGBT community in particular. The solicits pitch this as the “first superhero series with a central transgender protagonist created by a mainstream writer.” Yeah, that’s a lot of qualifies, but it’s still a pretty awesome hook! I’m in! – Joey


Jughead #9 – By Ryan North & Derek Charm (Debut of Sabrina!)


Giant Days #18 – By John Allison & Max Sarin

Boom! Studios
Skybourne #1

Skybourne #1 – By Frank Cho

  • I am a sucker for myths and legends, especially when they get a modern retelling. Pair that with Frank Cho’s art and I am in for the ride. – Lorna


Angel Catbird Volume 1 – By Margaret Atwood & Johnnie Christmas

  • BUY!!! With Angel Catbird, the all-star team of Margaret Atwood, Johnnie Christmas, and Tamra Bonvillain make anthropomorphic cats super cool. And that’s coming from someone who still has nightmares because of Cats the Musical (btw, how the heck is that piece of horror back on the Broadway!?!?!). In all seriousness, though, Atwood channels the Golden Age spirit of heroism as she gives us the origin story of our titular superhero, albeit with the modern visual verve of the illustration team. A spectacularly crafted piece of superheroic storytelling, and I’m super excited for Volume Two next February!!!” – From Joey’s full advanced review of Angel Catbird!!!

Rise of the Black Flame #1 By Mike Mignola & Christopher Mitten


DC Comics
Aquaman #6

Aquaman #6 – By Dan Abnett & Brad Walker 

  • This book has been up and down for me. I had loved the political overtones of the book but it seems to have gone off the rails the last couple of issues. In this issue we will get to see Superman fight Mera and Arthur, and that should at least have some moments worth checking out. -Nathan

Batman #6 – By Tom King & Ivan Reis 


  • Tom King has shown he knows what he is doing, and in this issue we will hopefully, get to know more of Gotham girls character. However this could easily slip into just being filler before the monster men crossover. I hope that King can deliver, as he clearly has marked Gotham girl to be important to the future of the batman comic. – Lorna
  • Sheriff of Babylon was the first work of Tom King that I read. Being impressed with it, I instantly gave Batman a read. It’s been solid so far and I’ll continue checking it out. – Deanna


  • I agree with Deanna. King to me is one of those guys that has developed a lot of good will for me on other books. For me it has been Vision and also Grayson. This arc has been solid but not spectacular, but I have faith it will get there. -Nathan
  • I love King’s work on other books: Omega Men, Sheriff of Babylon, Vision, even the single-issue he wrote about Hal Jordan in the Justice League Darkseid War. In comparison, Batman has been pretty disappointing.  I’m sticking with this one in hopes that it gets better after the first arc. – Vivek
DC Comics

Cyborg REBIRTH – By John Semper Jr. & Paul Pelletier

  • I’ve been giving the majority of the Rebirth one-shots a chance, and this one will be no different. My first exposure to a solo Cyborg story was with Cyborg Vol. 1: Unplugged by David F. Walker. While that story felt average, the character intrigues me and I’m willing to give it a shot.  – Deanna
  • I don’t have a whole lot to say about this one. I’ve never read any Cyborg solo books so I’m giving this one a shot to see if it tickles my fancy, if the aforementioned fancy is tickled then it’ll be a great chance for me to try reading this character at long last. – Huw
  • I will say again that I do not need another Rebirth book on my pull list. However, I am rooting for this one. Cyborg always seems to work well in the group but hasn’t seemed to ever get over the hump as a solo character. I hope it changes with this new book. – Nathan
  • I’ve only ever encountered Cyborg while reading Justice League titles.  I look forward to remedying that.  I’ve heard people loosely call him DC’s answer to Iron Man, who is one of my three favorite Marvel characters, and that excites me. -Max
DC Comics
Green Arrow #6

Green Arrow #6 – By Benjamin Percy & Stephen Byrne

  • This is one of my two favorite Rebirth titles right now. Writer Benjamin Percy has been doing a great job getting to the core of what motivates Oliver Queen while including plenty of action. –  Vivek
  • For me, this book started so great and has disappointed in recent issues. Mostly because I feel like we are continuing to go down roads already traveled. I am not anxious to see Ollie yet again on the Lian Yu. I want new, and I want more Black Canary! – Nathan

Harley Quinn #3 – By Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Chad Hardin 

DC Comics
Harley Quinn #3
  • After a pretty entertaining #1, the second issue didn’t do much for me.  That said, I really enjoy this creative team and am genuinely excited to see this kooky story arc progress. -Max

Nightwing #4 – By Tim Seeley & Javier Fernandez

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed this whole arc, though I have had my quibbles. I am hopeful we will continue to see Batgirl in this book and interested in seeing what happens with Raptor.
  • While I’ve been enjoying this series, I felt that the most recent issue was a small step backward.  With that said, I’m rooting for this series, as it had one of my favorite Rebirth issues.  Here’s to hoping that I keep it on my pull list going forward! -Max
DC Comics
Supergirl #1

Supergirl #1 – By Steve Orlando & Brian Ching

  • Ever since I read Midnighter #1, I have loved Steve Orlando as a writer, for he truly understood the character. So when I heard he was on Supergirl, it was an instant buy for me. The rebirth issue was not anything mind blowing, but I have faith that this will be a good series. As I suspect DC is hoping, especially as Orlando is now writing the new JLA book. – Lorna
  • I enjoyed the Rebirth issue for this and want to see how they progress with Supergirl. I’m not familiar with the creative team on this, but I’m willing to give it a shot since I love the character. While I’m only familiar with the TV version of her story, this will be the perfect opportunity to get into her story on the comic book side of things. – Deanna
  • The Rebirth issue was a solid, fun effort and left me looking forward to this. Steve Orlando is a writer who has a growing legion of fans so it’ll be nice to dive into something of his. I loved the art and colours in the first issue so here’s hoping for more eye candy, too! – Huw
  • Steve Orlando and Supergirl. I am in. – Nathan
  • I enjoyed Supergirl: Rebirth but it didn’t blow me away.  With that said, Superman: Rebirth didn’t blow me away, and now I can’t stop praising that ongoing series.  I look forward to seeing this story’s progression. -Max

Superman #6 – By Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray 

  • Hot take, comin’ atcha!  This is my favorite ongoing DC series (braces for the inevitable verbal, and possibly physical, onslaught from Amazonians).  The art is vivid, the story is compelling and each member of the Super-family has their shining moments.  Superman #6 will be my last read of the week, because I’m afraid that if I read it before anything else, I will judge the following books on an unfair curve. -Max



Image Comics
Glitterbomb #1

Eclipse #1 – By Zachary Kaplan & Giovanni Timpano

Glitterbomb #1 – By Jim Zub & Djibril Morisette-Phan

  • This preview for this debut issue shows a middle-aged actress being condescended to by a man who explains why she’s unlikely to make it – until something supernatural pops out of her and impales him. I’m intrigued to see just how far this book takes the skewering (literal and metaphorical) of the shallow, maddening aspects of Hollywood culture. – Vivek

Kill or Be Killed #2 – By Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips


Marvel Comics
Daredevil #11

Daredevil #11 – By Charles Soule & Ron Garney

  • I’m really enjoying this title so far. The last issue kicked off a new mystery that will require that Daredevil work closely with his apprentice, Blindspot. The mix of Matt Murdock to Daredevil on this title feels true to form, with the main character having to juggle his superhero-ing with his day job (or not, we’ll see how that works out). – Vivek

Doctor Strange #11- By Jason Aaron & Chris Bachalo

  •   Although I’ve very much enjoyed the series taken as a whole, the “finale” of the long-running first arc left me cold, so despite clever scripting and beautiful art, this issue has “keep-it-or-drop-it” written all over it!–Bob


And that’s our Pull List for this week!!! If you happen to pick up any of these books, please join the conversation here or on twitter and let us know what you think! As we update the site with reviews and verdicts on these comics, we’d love to include your input!


Joey Braccino took his BA in English and turned it into an Ed.M. in English Education. Currently, he brings comics back in a big way all day every day to the classroom. In addition to proselytizing the good word of comics to this nation’s under-aged…

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