Fwendly Fwuit: Winter Wonders Comic Review

Fwendly Fwuit: Winter Wonders

Story and Art by Mickey Lam

Review by Mara Wood


Comics for children can be difficult to come by. Sure, they exist, but even then they can inappropriate for the younger audience. Lam’s Fwendly Fwuit is an example of a comic young kids can wholeheartedly enjoy.

Fwendly Fwuit: Winter Wonders takes place on Wonder Day, a Christmas-like holiday in an alternate fwuity reality. The main cast comprises of fruit and animal-like creatures. The characters are children who love to explore the world around them. When Kuppy arrives in the neighborhood, he requests help from Bawana, Strawberry, and Pip to find his lost friend Bowley.

There is definitely a fantasy element to the story, with the characters riding a creature reminiscent of a dragon, flying spaceships, and an environment-destroying group of angry creatures. One of the joys of reading this book is the child-like comedy coming from Bawana and Strawberry. I love the kids’ reactions to their presents and “the longest woo hoo I ever did in my life…so far”. The plot of the story is straightforward, mostly centering on a rescue of a lost friend. The focus is on telling a fun story about new friends coming together.

Each page is full of detail. Backgrounds are lush, at times incredibly realistic. This contrasts with the cartoon style of the main characters. The characters are outlandish and fantastic, but the world they occupy could be our very own. The illustrations in the comic are detailed and often have a lot going on in them, encouraging readers to spend some time looking over the details. The panel layout is easy to follow, which is a great consideration for younger readers who may need some structure while reading a comic.

Overall, Fwendly Fwuit: Winter Wonders is a great way to introduce the comic medium to a young crowd. Younger elementary students, around 2nd – 3rd grade, may find the characters and story interesting. Most words are on level or can be sounded out. Additionally, the cute way Bawana speaks may be fun for kids to read aloud.

Fwendly Fwuit: Winter Wonders is an indie comic and can be purchased at Lam’s website.

Mara Wood holds a Ph. D. in School Psychology. Currently, she works for a public school system assessing students for educational placement. Her research focus is comic books and how they can be used in therapy and educational settings. She tends to spend…

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