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Futures End: Red Lanterns #1 Review

Futures End: Red Lanterns #1 

Writer: Charles Soule

Artist: Jim Califiore

Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb

Letterer: Dave Sharpe

Review by Nick Guerrera

In Futures End: Red Lanterns #1, regular series writer Charles Soule transports the reader five years into the future of the Red Lantern Corps., which is currently led by former Green Lantern, Guy Gardner.

Futures End: Red Lanterns #1 standard coverAs you may know, there are several Lantern Corps., each fueled by a different “emotion”. The Green Lanterns channel will, the Red Lanterns channel anger, the Blue Lanterns channel hope, et cetera. In this issue, we find Guy Gardner not only clean shaven, but also wearing a blue uniform with matching ring! Something has happened in this timeline that has caused Guy to work through his anger and come out on the other side feeling hopeful. Hopeful about what, you ask?

There’s not much I can say in this review that won’t amount to spoilers, so forgive the lack of a story recap. Suffice it to say, Guy Gardner and Red Lantern, Bleez, go on one final mission together, to protect the universe, and hopefully, in the end, to find redemption and love.

Fans of the Red Lanterns series will like Futures End: Red Lanterns #1. It takes characters we’re familiar with and gives their story an ending. Plus, all the series regulars are on board. Readers picking this issue up on a whim, not familiar with the current state of the Red Lanterns universe, might find the humor flat and the sentimentality a bit corny. Please leave a comment below this review if you agree or not.

The writing (Charles Soule), art (Jim Calafiore), colors (Gabe Eltaeb), and lettering (Dave Sharpe) are as solid as usual for this team of creators who have been working together since issue #21 of Red Lanterns (published in June, 2013). With only 20 pages to tell a compelling end to an epic story, the team did a great job. Things move fast, but the writing and art are coherent enough to get the reader to the end without much head scratching.

Like all of the Futures End one-shots, Futures End: Red Lanterns #1 comes in two versions. One with a 3D lenticular cover (for $3.99) and one with a normal cover (for $2.99). I bought the 3D version, not because I think the visual effect is all that impressive, but because I like to make that DJ scratching-type sound with my fingernails.

THE VERDICT for readers of the regular Red Lanterns comic: CHECK IT OUT. Think of this issue as candy. It’s a fun, quick, read with some cool moments.

THE VERDICT for readers just jumping in: SKIP IT. Not only will you not know what the heck is going on in this future storyline you’re thrust into, but you won’t be able to make the mental leaps to fill in the gaps like readers of the monthly series can.

Publication Date: September 24, 2014

Format: Full-Color, 32 pages (20 pages of story); Ongoing

Price: $2.99 ($3.99 for 3D lenticular cover)

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