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by Courtney Key

It’s official: Supergirl may be soaring on your television screen soon.

Superman's cousin may be coming to T.V. soon.

Superman’s cousin may be coming to T.V. soon.

Warner Brothers has hired Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler to adapt the DC property for the small screen, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed. Geoff Johns is also reported to have a role in developing the project.

Berlanti, the producer of Arrow and the upcoming The Flash series, is expected to produce, while Adler will be writing. Adler previously collaborated with Berlanti on No Ordinary Family, and has also worked on Glee and The New Normal.

The character previously appeared on television in CW’s Smallville as played by Laura Vandervoort. She was also played by Helen Slater in the 1984 movie Supergirl, which performed poorly at the box office, but of which certain Talking Comics news team members have fond memories.

The hair in that movie alone should have made it a classic.

The hair in that movie alone should have made it a classic.

Details are still sketchy as development is in the early stages, but THR’s sources said the show would not be titled Supergirl.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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