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Review: Hawk & Dove #3


“When a White House Runs Red…”

Written by Sterling Gates

Art by Rob Liefeld

Review by Brian Verderosa


Sometimes books come along that let you down in the beginning, but have a calculated plan to turn everything around by the third issue and prove you wrong. And then there are books like Hawk & Dove.

Sterling Gates’ scripts for these past three issues have been, at best, laughable in their over-the-top meatheaded nature. Perhaps that’s what he’s going for– I won’t be audacious enough to contend that he’s missed the mark — but I know full well that I want no part of it.

This issue picks up directly where #2 ended, with an attack on the President of the United States that Hawk & Dove must thwart. The attack has been perpetrated by doppelgangers Condor & Swan, who are far more interesting in their savage actions than our heroes are in their defense against it.

As I’ve said before, this series is just stupid. I don’t mean that in an easy, dismissive way, as that word so often is used. It just is the best word to describe a book where a real world problem (presidential assassination) is treated with cartoony results (no Secret Service?). The dialogue isn’t good, and I know that at least one of these characters can be interesting (see Dove in “Justice League Dark”). It just isn’t going to be in this book.


Skip it. Put it out of mind. It’ll be gone soon. Trust me.

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