Superior Spider-Man Details


Well, folks, New York Comic Con has begun! And with that we have gotten some news on everyone’s favorite Wall Crawler. Dan Slott told those at a retailer breakfast, that the recently announced Superior Spider-Man will¬†not be Peter Parker.

Along with that bombshell, Slott also said that Mary Jane would be romantically linked to this new Spidey. Slott has also confirmed that the series will be taking a darker turn. More so than the what we have been getting in Amazing recently. Of course, #700 will be the catalyst.

Joining Slott on Superior Spider-Man in January will be Ryan Stegman. Most of the staff from Amazing Spider-Man will be moving to Superior as well, including Humberto Ramos and Giuseppe Camuncoli. We also got a first look at some of the art the book will bring. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Superior Spider-Man Details

  1. I know the knee jerk reaction to this news of Peter Parker not being Spider-Man and Mary Jane being romantically linked to the new Spidey might be anger, but I’m going to give it a shot. As long as it’s a good story, I’m in. I for one am really looking forward to this and All-New X-Men!

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