Lucid: A Gritty Sci-fi Comic To Launch On Kickstarter

Lucid: A Gritty Sci-fi Comic To Launch On Kickstarter

Here’s another indie comic that you should support.  The creative team behind “Lucid” has launched their Kickstarter campaign. Written by  Tim Berry, “Lucid” is an intense mind-bending story that centers around five strangers who are trapped in a trippy dream world. In order to get out, they’ll have to learn to work together or else be eradicated by the mind of one man, who has the power to create or destroy with only a thought. The reckless experiments of one biotech firm will lead our heroes down a path that could have dire consequences for all of mankind unless they can stop it.

The artist on Lucid is artist Natasha Alterici who brings this story to life with her unique style, as she combines expressive line work with moody color schemes.

The first issue of Lucid will be 20 full color pages. The fundraiser will last through the month of February and all the funds collected will go toward finishing the artwork and for printing of issue one. As well as to cover Kickstarter fees and rewards.
For more information about the project or to contribute please visit:

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