New Green Arrow Promo Art

Andrea Sorrentino is set to take over  art duties for Green Arrow next month on issue #17. Today Andrea Sorrentino released some new promotional art for the book. Sorrentino is known for his work on I, Vampire, and will be joining Jeff Lemire (Animal Man, Justice League Dark) as the new creative team. Included with the promo I included all the Emerald Archer goodness I could to make you feel like February 6th couldn’t come soon enough.

green arrow promo









4 thoughts on “New Green Arrow Promo Art

  1. Thanks for all the great art David I hadn’t seen all of these. Like I mentioned under another post, this can’t come soon enough.

    I have never read any Green arrow books before but I have enjoyed the new tv show so I was hoping to give the book a try but the previous stuff looked pretty weak. I was glad when I heard about this new creative team and the potential everyone seems to think they have.

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