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Review: Batwoman #3

Batwoman #3

Title: Hydrology Part 3: Gaining Stream

Co-Writer & Art by J.H. Williams III

Co-Written by W. Haden Blackman

Colors by Dave Stewart

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

Batwoman #3 continues to impress me this month with it’s otherworldly villains, overwhelming sense of doom, and orgasmic artwork by J.H. Williams III. When last we left Batwoman she was being pulled into the murky depths of the Gotham Harbour by The Weeping Woman. This issue finds out heroine recovering from that ordeal and taking her anger out on those around her. I’ve grown so attached to this character through her actions. Kate’s determination and rock hard will makes her a wonderful and strong female within the comic book world and I just can’t get enough of that.

A little lighter on the plot development side of things, this particular issue serves us well as it sets up some pretty dire circumstances to be explored hopefully in the next issue. Kate’s unwillingness to accept help from others, and her inability to keep her personal affairs in order, you really get a sense that she is struggling. Still in my Top 5 favorites of The New 52, Batwoman has a lot to offer comic book fans with it’s inspiring artwork, deep characters, and story that just keeps getting bigger and stranger by the issue.


You will need to have read issues #1 and #2 for sure but it wouldn’t also be a bad idea to seek out the Trade paperback Batwoman: Elegy if you want to have all the background.


Buy it! Seriously a force to be reckoned with all three issues of this series has delivered the goods and that trend doesn’t seem to be diminishing any time soon.

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