Review: Avenging Spider-man #1

Avenging Spider-man #1

Written by Zeb Wells

Art by Joe Madureira

Review by Bobby Shortle

Continuity can be a terrifying beast. I grew up a Spider-man nut as a kid, I was a nut for the movies and I play all the video games I can get my hands on. Yet, as an adult I have avoided the main universe wall crawler books because they seem so daunting. I would try to wade into the pool and quickly jump out thinking: “Jameson is the mayor? Some of Spidey’s powers are missing? Peter and Mary-Jane aren’t together? Sigh, I guess I shall return to the comfort of Brian Michael Bendis’ Ultimate Comics Spider-man universe.” That is why I’m happy to report that Avenging Spider-man #1 is a fresh, fun and inviting turn into the universe of your friendly neighborhood Spider-man.

Don’t mistake my meaning though. All of that continuity is in this book. Jameson is the mayor and still hates Spider-man, Peter Parker is a member of multiple superhero teams and there is fallout from Spider Island happening during the events here. The great thing about the issue is that these past happenings do not hinder the experience of the now in the slightest. Marvel has always been savvier than DC about inviting new readers in and from the “who are they” descriptions of the heroes to the opening inner monologue by Spider-man I felt completely welcome in this big universe.

Zeb Wells writes Peter Parker as a self effacing, quick tongued smart ass. In other words he writes him just the way he’s meant to be. I even laughed out loud at some panels which drew curious looks from co-workers on my lunch break. It’s also an expertly paced book as I felt propelled through the pages of the story but never felt as if it came up short on plot or character. The art by Joe Madureira is not to be missed. There is even one splash panel that made me audibly gasp and the whole book is just a sight to behold.


Buy It – If you like Spider-man at all its imperative that you read this book.

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