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Review: Huntress #1

Huntress #1 

Title: Crossbow at the Crossroads

Written by Paul Levitz

Pencils by Marcus To

Inks by John Dell

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

Huntress #1 is part of a 6 issue series.

Helena Bertinelli has just returned from her stay in Italy. After receiving a tip that there have been some shady dealings going down at the Gotham Piers, Huntress suits up and heads out into the night. Shortly thereafter she discovers that the contents of the crate (Surprise!) were not as they were supposed to be. Our hero then takes a plunge deeper into the rabbit hole and leaves many crippled henchmen in her wake.

I found the book to be a fairly decent read, albeit not the one I was expecting but still okay. My issues with the book stems from not feeling introduced to the character before we’re off on some random adventure. Perhaps some people enjoy just being thrown into the action, but I have a tendency to like a little massaging before diving in head first. The only knowledge of Huntress that I am clinging to here (being a first time reader of the character) is that she is of the Batman Universe, and that’s about it. So perhaps I am at a major disadvantage and should have done more research, but this being a #1 and all I don’t think it’s entirely out of the picture to first shake hands.

Moving on, the action is solid. Huntress displays smarts and finesse in spades and fits right into Gotham’s cede underbelly. Marcus To has done a great job in giving our characters lots of personality and expression. I felt like a bad ass when Huntress was laying the smack down  and seethed when our villain, Mr. Moretti, displayed such disdain for the lives he’d ruined. I’m certainly curious as to where Paul Levitz will take the story next, but I also hope that he takes the time to give us a little more history on our character. Maybe even tell us her name. That would be a good start.


Helena is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman from the Earth Two story arc written in 1989. She’s all grown up and she’s going to kick your ass.


Buy, but only if you’re a big fan of the Batman Universe or the Huntress herself. I’m hoping this gets really good in the issues to come.

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