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Review: Deathstroke #2

Deathstroke #2

Title: The Carpocalypse

Written by Kyle Higgins

Pencils by Joe Bennett

Ink by Art Thibert

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

I’ll come right out of the gate and tell you, that sadly, this issue did almost next to nothing to kindle my interest in the bloody adventures of Deathstroke. After a shaky start in issue #1 I was really hoping that something would come along to make this series a more enjoyable read, but I’m just not feeling it. Deathstroke is a take no prisoners and leave none alive kind of anti-hero. He plays by his own rules and leaves a wake of blood just about anywhere he goes. Now, normally I would be up for something such as this, but in the case of Deathstroke, I just don’t like him. Two issues, in my estimation, is more than enough time to develop a character and story. In the case of Deathstroke, there just isn’t enough going on to keep me interested.

When you really break it down, what is driving this series so far is Deathstroke’s unquenchable need to be the biggest bad ass around, and the contents of a mysterious briefcase found aboard the plane from Issue #1. Perhaps if we were clued in to what is actually inside the briefcase it would give us a clearer understanding as to why it’s so important to the story. I’m all for a bit of mystery, but I am hanging on so thinly to this character and story that anything to pull me in at this point would be welcomed. Perhaps my biggest gripe with this series is this: Do we not have anyone that can pose a threat to Deathstroke? So far, each and every adversary that has been thrown at him has been nothing but fodder and senseless blood for the panels, can we please introduce someone that can actually stand up to Deathstroke, perhaps?


Deathstroke doesn’t work well with others and we still don’t know the contents of that briefcase from Issue # 1


At this rate, unless something really huge happens in Issue #3 I would say PASS on this one.



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