Deadly Class #32 Review

Writer: Rick Remender

Artist: Wes Craig

Colors: Jordan Boyd

Letters: Rus Wooton

Deadly Class #32 sees the return of one of the greatest comics on the shelves today and I have one word to describe it. Violent. Okay, maybe I have more words- Incredible, compelling, tragic, and absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t realize how much I missed Deadly Class until I opened this issue. Over the course of 32 issues Remender and Craig have crafted an amazing series that will go down as a classic once completed. The emotional response I have to the characters is a special bond as I find myself heavily invested with Marcus and his crew as they seek just a tiny morsel of happiness in the tragic world they exist in. I know no one is safe and death lurks on almost every page and it is absolutely fantastic.

Wes Craig is at his absolute best with this violent tale

Deadly Class #32 begins the Love Like Blood storyline and picks up with the cliffhanger from issues #31. The Mexican vacation for the students of King’s Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts has gone to hell. Not only have the current students united or reunited for a few of them with Marcus and Maria, two early protagonists of the series believed dead until a few issues ago. On the run after surviving the first year finals where the students are pitted against one another Deadly Class #32 brings Marcus face to face with Viktor, the son of KGB assassins who not only hunted Marcus during finals but also killed one of Marcus’ closest friends Willy. Marcus wants revenge and nothing will stand in his way…. except for a whole lot of ninja’s who are also out for Marcus and are willing to kill anyone in their way. Violence ensues. Uneasy alliances are formed. True allegiances rear their ugly head and death, so much death. I have no idea where this storyline is taking us but if Deadly Class #32 is any indication it is going to be a bloody ride and some of our favorite students are not walking out of this conflict.

Whose afraid of some Ninja’s?

Rick Remender is one of the great comic book writers working today. His Marvel work was incredible but his independent (Creator Owned) titles are brilliant. They are some of the most compelling and satisfying comics on the stands today. But the true genius of Deadly Class #32 is Wes Craig. His art is this issue was incredible, from the panel layouts to the dynamic fight sequences. There are splash pages galore and self admitted there is an homage to the work of Frank Miller in the ‘80s, especially with the ninja fights (think Miller’s Daredevil of the mid ‘80s). Wes Craig took his time laying out this issue and the pay off is amazing. I’d be remise to not acknowledge Jordan Boyd’s colors. Deadly Class has always had a unique color pallet, a mixture of bright colors and dark shadows. But Boyd’s use of red ramps up the violent feel throughout the fights in this issue as well as the pain and threat the students are feeling as the situation goes from dire to worse. Deadly Class is a true work of art and anyone not reading it needs to delve into this title, but be warned, no one is safe and there will be tears. Deadly Class #32 is another incredible issue and the beginning of what will be another game changing storyline and one not to be missed.


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