Captain America #698 Review

Storytellers: Mark Waid & Chris Samnee

Colors: Matthew Wilson

Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Captain America #698: Out of Time part 1

The future is not bright. America is not on a path to greatness. Rather it is a fallout-ridden wasteland ruled by an aristocracy with a downtrodden population keeping their heads down so they don’t get them blown off. Welcome to the future Captain America, a future that needs you more than possibly any other time in Marvel history (or future).

Captain America #698 begins the Out of Time storyline that thrusts a refrozen Captain America into a nightmarish future that has seen everything he fought for over the years destroyed. At the end of last issue the villainous organization Rampart refroze Captain America after his confrontation with Kraven the Hunter. In the time between the conflict with Kraven and the beginning of Captain America #698 Rampart has orchestrated a nuclear disaster that has crippled the country and took the lives of most of the worlds heroes in the process. The lower class has been devastated by radiation poisoning and mutations while they scavenge for food while the elite eat the available food and worry for nothing. This is the world Cap awakens to. Freed from the ice by a group of citizens, citizens fearful of assembling in public or being seen to offer any form of discontent to the ruling elite. Afraid to even let Cap act when lives are in jeopardy since it could cause more death then it could help. But for how long can you keep a great man down?

Once Again a World in Need of Captain America

Captain America #698 is another masterpiece by storytellers Mark Waid and Chris Samnee. This issue seems to be one part Waid and Samnee trying to do Secret Empire the proper way and another part commentary on the growing divide in our society and the growing distrust with our elected leaders or specifically leader. Over the course of these last four issues Waid and Samnee have redeemed and revitalized the Captain America title from the depths of what was the long road to Secret Empire and Hydra Cap. True masters of the comic art form Waid and Samnee have returned my Captain America to me, the Cap that I have wanted for some time and a Captain America I never want to let go of.

Verdict: Captain America #698 is yet another masterpiece by the team of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee. Since they took over the book it has been nothing but a treasure, with its modern take on Captain America yet with a classic feel. If you love Great Super Hero stories then Captain America #698 is the comic for you.

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