the Avengers #675 Review

Writers: Mark Waid, Jim Zub, & Al Ewing

Artist: Pepe Larraz

Colors: Davic Curiel

Letters: VC’s Cory Petit

I’ve been waiting for a world shattering Avengers story for some time. I’ve been anticipating a time where the full force of the Avengers would be unified under one banner to deal with an extinction level threat. My wait is finally over as Avengers #675 begins No Surrender, the promised Earth shattering (or rather Earth moving) story that will redefine the Avengers going forward.

The Earth is missing

Avengers #675 ends the recent era of multiple Avengers titles as this issue brings together the US Avengers, the Occupy Avengers, the Uncanny Avengers and the main Avengers title together into one comic. Worry not fans of these series as the writers of these four Avengers titles (Mark Waid, Jim Zub, and Al Ewing) have united to craft this mega-story and fans of these titles will be happy that their favorite teams receive equal page time. Pepe Larraz joins this pantheon of writers and we the readers are treated to his fantastic artwork. Larraz has grown as an artist over the past few years and I’m glad Marvel has finally tapped him to a major comic book and a significant storyline.

The Avengers vs. Nature

Even if you haven’t been along for the ride with these individual Avengers titles you’ll be fine as Avengers #675 is easily accessible and every reader will be brought up to speed pretty quickly. The core story dilemma is that the Earth is moved. To where is still unknown but as natural disasters breakout across the globe and some otherworldly threat removes some Avengers from the field of battle it’s up to the remaining Avengers to Assemble and deal with the unknown. The Assembled team is a nice mixture of Avengers old and new to appeal to fans of every generation of reader with a few obscure Avengers thrown in for good measure (who remembered the Living Lighting had been an Avenger?).

As a whole Avengers #675 excited me for what’s to come. I’m intrigued with the situation and love the assembled Avengers, the largest assemblage I can remember in some time. I trust Waid, Ewing, and Zub to tell a compelling story and I am curious as to how this plays out over the next few months. I love Pepe Larraz’s artwork and hope he continues with the Avengers for the foreseeable future as I think he is a perfect artist for the collection of Marvel’s Mightiest. No Surrender hopefully restores the Avengers to greatness and if Avengers #675 is any indication then the title certainly is on the rise.

Avengers Assemble

Verdict: If you’ve been waiting for a grand Avengers tale with a dire threat and world shattering events then Avengers #675 is the issue you’ve been waiting for. With a top notch group of writers and the beautiful artwork from rising star Pepe Larraz Avengers #675 is a Buy.

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