Marvel Legacy #1 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artists: Esad Ribic with Steve McNiven

Additional Art: Chris Samnee, Russell Dauterman, Alex Maleev, Ed McGuiness, Stuart Immonen (& Wade Von Grawbadger), Pepe Larraz, Jim Cheung, Daniel Acuna, Greg Land (& Jay Leisten), Mike Deodato Jr., & David Marquez

Letters: VC’s Cory Petit

The Paleolithic Avengers Assembled

After months of promotion and anticipation Marvel Legacy #1 is here and we finally get a glimpse of Marvel’s future by delving into Marvel’s past. Just as DC Rebirth did a little over a year ago Marvel Legacy is a soft reboot, returning Marvel to a more classic feel but still holding onto the current status quo. It sounds like a monumental goal but in the hands of Jason Aaron it’s just another excellent book to add to his resume. Jason Aaron is one of the strongest writers in comics and he does masterful job of constructing a comic that could have been a mess in lesser hands. Instead Marvel Legacy is one of the best books the House of Ideas has produced in years.

Marvel Legacy begins a Million years ago and incorporates classic Marvel characters into a Paleolithic super team comprised of Odin, the Phoenix Force, an Iron Fist, a caveman Starbrand, a mammoth riding Ghost Rider, and Agamotto the Sorcerer Supreme. We open with this team in the midst of battle with a world ending threat as a Celestial. With Aaron’s writing and the absolutely gorgeous artwork by Esad Ribic I could have read 60 pages of this team alone but that’s not what Marvel Legacy is. Instead Marvel Legacy is actually Marvel future. Over the course of the issue we flash from our Paleolithic Avengers to Marvel present as the world puts itself back together after Secret Empire. We have a devastating battle between the modern day Ghost Rider and Starbrand. The origin of the conflict is linked directly to the Paleolithic Avengers but neither party is sure why they are fighting but are compelled to do so, and in the hands of Esad Ribic it is one hell of a fight. Loki is scheming as well and pits the bastard sons of the Frost Giants against Ironheart, Thor, and Sam Wilson in what is no doubt his final battle as Captain America. The two stories don’t appear linked at first but over the course of the issue you begin to understand what is occurring and if it plays out properly we’re looking at an epic tale in the near (hopefully not to near) future.

Starbrand v. Ghost Rider for the Future of the Marvel Universe?

I found myself invested in Marvel Legacy rather quickly. After the less then thrilling Secret Empire Marvel needed a great jumpstart to a line of comics that on a whole has been less then stellar over the past few years and Marvel Legacy is that jumpstart. If Marvel Legacy is the future then I am excited for what is to come. There are so many teases and reveals weaved into Marvel Legacy as well as a couple of returns that long time readers will be excited for but thankfully fans of the current incarnations of Marvel heroes don’t appear to have a need to worry, the Marvel Universe is large enough for everyone to exist in. The assembled artists are some of the best Marvel has to offer and they brought their A game with Marvel Legacy and it was a treat to read.

Who doesn’t want more Odin & the Phoenix?

Verdict: Marvel Legacy is exactly what it needed to be. It is an engaging story with wonderful artwork. Jason Aaron has established the future of Marvel while embracing the greatness of their past and it works. If you’re a fan of current Marvel then you’ll love this book. If you are a fan of classic Marvel and have jumped ship then come back aboard, since this is a comic made for you

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