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The Circle #2 Review

The Circle #2 Review

Written by Damon Clark

Art and Colours by

Edited and Lettered by Zen

Reviewed by Lorna Maltman (

I am going to be honest  – I forgot about this comic, which you would think would be hard when it is a comic featuring supernatural doll-faced people and occult goings-on, but the first issue was such a set-up issue and the name is so mundane you can barely blame me. This issue improves on the first, leaving me with some questions that need to be answered in the next issue.

We start off in this issue with a montage of Christian and his newly found friends at school and their secret hideout. ‘The event’ and trippy rampage sequences ensue. Clark does a great job in this issue of building up the intrigue and questions whilst giving clearly defined and interesting characters. This issue, still very much like the first, does not give us all the answers or even the sell that the first solicitation gave us that Christian would (spoilers I suppose, but it was in the first solicitation) need to kill his new friends.

Zherno’s art still creates this great contrast with the swear words and violence that occurs and comes out of these doll-like figures. The stand out of this issue though are the trippy scenes, as we still can tell exactly what is going on, but keeping the scenes unnerving and peculiar enough. This, mixed with the expressive faces, creates a distinctive look to the book that fits (weirdly enough) this teen supernatural thriller.


Give it a shot.  Whether this comic is worth consistently picking up will be down to the next issue, but this one is a good improvement on the first issue. Clark has built up a great premise and good enough characters that I want to see where it ends up, but this is not at the top of my buy pile at the moment.

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