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X-Files Countdown, Day 8: Fan Art Spotlights, Short & Sweet Sunday

In celebration of the X-files return to television on January 24th for six new episodes, I began highlighting one of my favorite episodes a day. I moved on to recap specific characters, and now I’m collecting and posting fan art because art rocks. There’s nothing I’d rather do than bring attention to the work of artists, especially indie creators and creative fans. So enjoy!

Today’s X-Files Countdown fan art:


By David Golding


lupedraws copy

By Lupe ” Knee-high” Orozco (she really is tiny)



By Me (while I wait for some promised pics for future posts).


This concludes Sunday’s short-but-sweet countdown post, Day 8. Check back tomorrow!

Reach me on Twitter to submit your fan art!

I have three lovely but exhausting girls. I stay home with them and draw comics and such. Aside from being a momma, I'm an expert insomniac, lover of all things dark and creepy, and hopeful initiate into the Evil League of Evil.

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