Must See X-Files Epic Ep, Countdown Day 10: Murder, Mutants and Missing Limbs

The X-Files return airs on the Fox network on January 23rd for a six episode event….maybe more?

homeToday’s X-Files Epic Ep Pick: “Home” Season 4, Episode 2

“Home” has to be one of the creepiest X-Files episodes out of all nine seasons. I use the word creepy, not in the spooky sense, but in the gross and disturbing sense, in the incestuous-family-of-men-birthed-by-a-limbless-and- disfigured-mother kind of way.  It centers around the mysterious Peacock family and their possible link to a series of small town murders. “Home” takes a slight detour form the X-Files Monster-of-the-Week formula in that the episode was the first to receive a “graphic violence” viewer discretion warning and the only episode to be rated TV-MA. It isn’t action packed, but has a dramatic confrontation at the end and plenty of cringe-worthy moments throughout that are definitely not for the squeamish or easily offended, though it’s no Hannibal (explicitness-wise) by any means. I miss Hannibal. I miss him so much.

Other cool stuff in this episode:

  • After waxing poetic about how he’d love to live in a small town away from the rest of society, Mulder is told by Scully, “Mulder, if you had to do without your cell phone for more than two minutes, you’d lapse into a catatonic schizophrenia.” Talk about real life foreshadowing! The episode aired in 1994 and now, over twenty years later (omg twenty years?), most of us can’t walk, talk, work, or eat, or otherwise function without our heads hunched over our little screens.
  • The sheriff of the town in which Mulder and Sully are investigating is named Andy Miller and introduces his deputy as Barney. Mulder asks “Fife?” It isn’t, and Barney is not amused. It’s just a cute Mulder cheesy joke thing.
  • Something is under the bed. Just watch the show. Ew.

If you find entertainment in the deviant and grotesque, this episode is a must-see and definitely a bit of a deviation from other episodes in its graphic nature (by 1994 standards of course). It’s no Hannibal (explicitness-wise) by any means. I miss Hannibal.



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