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X-Files Countdown: Day 9, Fan Art Picks

 It’s the weekend and to keep things simple but interesting, I put out a call for X-Files fan art to highlight in the countdown. Day 9 picks (from the Twitter community) are from Mira Mortal and Annie Omusly. Consider this a Short-but-Sweet-Saturday post.

By Mira Mortal, Artist/Writer

Find her on Twitter @mortalcoil



Aaaaaand…..While waiting for responses, I asked a friend to whip something up.

The Twitter convo went thusly:


My tweet…. at 4:04



The response… 4:06

@AnnieOmusly is not only witty, but a talented artist as well. Check him out on Twitter!

Reach me on Twitter if you have fan art you’d like to be posted! I will do my best to post as much as possible.

The X-files returns to Fox on January 24th for a six-episode event.





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