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Direct Download: Renegades: Talking Valiant #10: A “Where to Start” Guide for New Readers

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This is our 10th episode, so we thought we would do a guide for new readers looking to get into Valiant. With Valiant putting up a ton books up on Humble Bundle, you can get a lot of comics for cheap. It also benefits Doctors Without Borders! Martin from Valiant Central joins us again for this episode!

We also have a contest going on to win the first two trades of Archer & Armstrong from Brett’s collection.

At the end of the episode we talk news and new releases.

You can send us an email at or follow us on twitter @TalkingValiant

You can contact Adam via twitter @KnowNothingNerd

You can contact Brett via twitter @Simonsezstuff

Martin can be reached at and on twitter @Valiant_Central

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