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Grant Morrison Gets Vertigo Again



There’s a metric ton of info pouring out of San Diego Comic Con this week, and Talking Comics is bringing you some choice nuggets. One (small, but nifty) tidbit is the following:

Writers Grant Morrison and Peter Milligan are returning to Vertigo.

That’s it. That’s all anyone really knows at this point. There are no specifics, no announced titles, to go along with this information. However, if one takes a gander at the Comics Alliance  “exit interview” that Morrison did upon finishing his run on Action Comics recently (and you should – Morrison interviews are always a good read) you’ll note the following quote, buried allllll the way at the bottom:

 I’m doing the new Seaguy book with [editor] Shelly Bond at Vertigo.

So, like, there you go. Seaguy is returning to Vertigo. It seems safe to assume that this is the Vertigo project that Morrison will be working on. As for Peter Milligan? That remains a mystery. If any Talking Comics readers can shed light on Milligan’s forthcoming work with Vertigo please let us know in the comments!

And now, I will commence impatiently waiting for Vertigo to revive The Scarab.

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