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peter david

Peter David, the prolific author of X-Factor, Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man 2099, suffered a stroke while on vacation in Florida.

On his personal blog, David had this to say:

“We were on vacation in Florida when I lost control of the right side of my body. I cannot see properly and I cannot move my right arm or leg. We are currently getting the extent of the damage sorted out and will report as further details become clarified.”

Everyone at Talking Comics wishes him a speedy recovery and we all hope for the best.

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  1. Bob Reyer

    Travis, Let me second your sentiments.

    Peter has been a champion for other comics creators and retailers in need over the years, and I’m certain that all that good Karma will be returned to him ten-fold.

    All our best wishes go out to Peter, his wife Kathleen, and the rest of the David family.

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