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Women in Comics Character Spotlight: Amanda Waller

A biweekly column by Talisha Harrison aka Tali Adina

Welcome to Talking Comics’ Character Spotlight! Every other week, I’ll be spotlighting a character from comics, cartoons, etc. However this week is special as it’s Women in Comics Week! So I’ll be spotlighting five of my favorite female characters each day this week. So today, the spotlight falls on:

Amanda Blake Waller

I was first introduced to Amanda Waller by watching the Justice League cartoon on the Cartoon Network and I find her to such a strong and amazing character. She’s a character who despite not having any superpowers, still wields great power. She’s not nicknamed “the wall” for nothing!

She’s not nicknamed “The Wall” for nothing!

She’s one of the few women of color in the DC universe-and in comic books at large-and up until the New 52, she was a woman who was short and overweight -not skinny like every other female character-with a height of 5’1, weighing 200 lbs pre-52. Her weight wasn’t used for comedic relief, it’s what made her stand out. Waller was a not skinny, middle-aged force to be held in great regard. Here are a few things that you should know about ‘the wall’:

And there you have it my friends, another awesome kick-ass woman in comics. Stayed tuned, as there are two more women that will be featured this week, in this special edition of Character Spotlight!

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