Avengers 2 Casting Ideas

With The Avengers breaking box office records left and right, discussion has shifted from the film itself to its inevitable certainty — the sequel.

Covered this week by Ain’t It Cool News with the hilarious headline “From the No Shit Department: Disney Developing Avengers 2,” the rumor mill is already beginning to fill up with potential story and character ideas. With the movie likely three years away, all geeks and fanboys alike can do now is postulate on what they want to see in the next incarnation.

I’m no different.

With six already established characters (Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye), Marvel is going to have a hard time adding more and still maintaining the excellent character development that Joss Whedon & Co. employed this first time around.

I don’t expect at all a doubling of the roster, but here are six choices (with dream casting attached!) of who can be added to the celluloid version of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

In no particular order…

Ant-Man played by James Marsden

Why the character: Hank Pym (along with his wife, another mention on this list) are founding members of The Avengers, so it’s only fitting that we get a chance to see them in action. It would be nice to get a Giant-Man/Ant-Man hybrid if this were to come to fruition, so Pym could be more useful on the team. His smarts rival that of both Banner and Stark and he would be in good company on the brawn side if he did indeed go giant.

Why the actor: Marsden was the part of Marvel’s first superhero movie team, X-Men, back in 2000. But over the course of the series his Cyclops got more and more emasculated and didn’t feel like the leader he’s supposed to be. Marsden is older and wiser and still has the natural good looks and charm to pull it off.


The Wasp played by Carey Mulligan

Why the character: Janet Pym, like her husband, is a founding Avenger. While she has similar powers to her better half, the aforementioned Giant-Man/Ant-Man trope would allow them to be more balanced. Also, Black Widow represents the only woman on the team, and Janet’s good humor and snappiness would balance Natasha’s more serious side.

Why the actress: No, we haven’t seen her do anything really comedic (she was hilarious in Shame! She had us rolling on the floor during Drive!) but her acting has always been top notch. I see no reason why she couldn’t pull off The Wasp, with a little bit of a spunky attitude. And also, just look at her.


Quicksilver played by Tom Felton

Why the character: We have brains and brawn pretty well covered with the current film’s lineup, but speed just isn’t the same without a speedster. Iron Man can fly fast, but in a race on the ground Quicksilver wins any day of the week. Also, he’s kind of a dick — and that can throw a fun monkey wrench into the group dynamic.

Why the actor: Sure, sure — I’m just going off of his dick-ness in the Harry Potter series, but Felton has the right combination of sneer vs. mouth that could really carry the character far. Plus, he’d be a lot cheaper than some of these other folks!


Vision played by Michael Fassbender

Why the character: Vision would add more dynamics to the group, as his android-ness gives the group more of a range. Additionally, adding a non-human gives the storytellers the ability to put him (it?) in more harrowing danger than they could a human.

Why the actor: This one is cheating for a couple of reasons. 1) He is already Magneto (but that didn’t stop Johnny Storm from becoming Captain America!). 2) He plays an android in this summer’s Prometheus. 3) He can play anything.

Seriously, this would more than likely be a motion capture situation, so the physical likeness isn’t as important as it is with other characters. Still, bringing Fassbender into the fold make’s my geek heart sing.


Black Panther played by Chiwetel Ejiofor

Why the character: T’Challa is similar to Thor in the respect that he is an outsider with his kingdom who mostly wants to be left alone. His intelligence is off the charts, and though he does have powers they are more in the vein of Captain America than the Hulk. Also, adding some racial diversity to the team can’t be a bad thing.

Why the actor: He has poise, grace and eloquence. Ejiofor has been a force to be reckoned with in most everything he’s appeared in (Children of Men and Serenity especially) and I can’t see anyone else taking up the Panther’s mantle more successfully. Thanks to Bobby Shortle for pointing this one out.

War Machine played by Don Cheadle

Why the character: Once again, this little gem is owed to Talking Comics’ Bobby Shortle. After the second time viewing The Avengers, he said to me “I know why all the other supporting characters from the Marvel movies weren’t in this movie — but why the hell didn’t Tony Stark call Rhodey and say ‘Hey, you know what we could use right about now? Another Iron Man.'” War Machine’s addition to the team would seem a bit redundant with Tony already there, but having another suit of armor never hurt.

Why the actor: He’s contracted for five more movies. So, you know….that’s why.

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