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Review: Swamp Thing #3


Written by Scott Snyder

Drawn by Victor Ibanez and Yanick Paquette

Colors by Nathan Fairbairn


Review by Brad Jones


I’m starting to figure out this whole Swamp Thing series…the first issue is all about Alec Holland living his life without letting the monster within him, out. Issue 2 forces Holland to consider becoming the Thing as a warrior of the green. This most recent issue tells us why. A literal harbinger of death – a boy allergic to chloroform and must therefore live in a bubble or he’d die – is coming into his powers, just as Holland should be coming into his.

What I liked most about this issue is that it seemed to realize that cool background stories and some of the most beautifully drawn spreads of the entire New 52 are not enough to hold up a new series. We’re shown a vision of Holland’s war of good versus evil, life versus death, and now it’s time for him to piss or get off the pot. What’s excellent about this series, is that I never thought the series was stalling in the first place; I was so enthralled in the art and character compositions that I didn’t bat an eye at the fact that nothing was really happening yet. This issue gets Holland on the road toward his destiny and it’s a ride I’m really excited about, having already fallen for this tortured hero through the last two chapters.

To go back to the vortex-boy-of-death for a minute: some of the panels of this kid’s powers are some of the most graphic depictions I’ve read yet. William (the bubble boy) does some crazy stuff with his anti-nature and the combination of his social tragedy and psychosis shown throughout the issue are a little scary to me. This kid is a cool threat and could make for some great, villainous moments later on…I’m excited.


I’ve loved the rest of Swamp Thing so far, and Issue #3 is no exception. It might be my favorite series I’m reading – a must read!

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