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Once and Future King #2 Review

Once and Future King #2 Review

Written by Kieron Gillen

Illustrated by Dan Mora

Colours by Tamra Bonvillian

Lettered by Ed Dukeshire

Reviewed by Lorna Maltman (

Be careful what you wish for- this issue for Once and Future King races the plot along at a pace faster than I expected, but it is a breath of fresh air and gorgeous to behold.

Duncan and Gran find themselves in a church in Glastonbury. Duncan is being directed at gunpoint (by his gran) to this location. They descend into a crypt where the ‘baddies’ led by Elaine are trying to resurrect the Once and Future King (yes the title of the book is literally said), Arthur. Hijinks ensue. Gillen has quickly created some enjoyable characters- Gran’s dry wit and straightforward nature; Duncan’s wide-eyed looks and bravery all make this comic a delight to read. The pacing is fast, but it never is to the point where you are left feeling lost or short-changed.

Mora art combined with Bonvillian’s colours creates beautifully expressive illustrations that make even the car conversations between Duncan and Gran enchanting. With several splashes that are worth the admission price alone. The colours could have easily been murky as the issue is primarily set at night in an underground, but it still feels bright and vibrant with Gran and Duncan having a sense of warmth with the orange and yellow hues.

Verdict: Check it out. If you are looking for a comic to just enjoy and have fun with good characters this fits the bill with Gillen’s as always great dialogue and Mora’s excellent splashes. Simply put it is just a great adventure tale.

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